New Testament Baptist Church will be having a series of meetings, that we pray will be a revival, starting November 12th through November 16th. Brother Phillip Thomas will be bring the messages every evening. If you can’t attend, all services will be live-streamed here on our website, on YouTube and on our Facebook page. Please pray with us that the Lord will meet with us and bless Brother Thomas as he brings us the Word.

Missions Trip To Greene County, Tennessee

Date: August 12th, 2016 - August 13th, 2016

Information: Instead of our standard Mission's Conference, New Testament Baptist Church decided to take a trip for street preaching and mission efforts to Greene County, TN. The church is paying for the night stay in Greene County and at least 1 meal. Feel free to message the page and get further details. If you cannot come pray for the blessing and advancement of the Word of the Lord!

New YouTube Channel

We had a MAJOR computer malfunction here at our church and lost much of our password data and therefore was bricked out of several accounts. One of these was the youtube account. If you wish to view new videos from New Testament you need to go to this address: The old account is still active and videos that remain over there will be SLOWLY reuploaded to the new channel. Thank you for your patience. God bless!